Saurian is a survival-simulation experience about living the life of a dinosaur. Starting from the egg, you must survive to adulthood amidst the perilous Hell Creek ecosystem of 66 million years ago, meticulously reconstructed with the help of professional paleontologists.

be a dinosaur





Tom Parker

Lead Designer/Primary Research/Animator

Tom Parker is a 27 year-old Zoology & Computer Science graduate interested in the public outreach of zoology, conservation & vertebrate palaeontology. Palaeoillustrator & educational game developer. Also a devotee of heavy music and Australian rules football.

RJ Palmer

Concept Artist/Big Deal

RJ Palmer is a 27 year-old concept artist and illustrator from California, based in Burbank. He specializes in creature design for film and video games and his art has been featured the world over. Though he spends most of his time drawing and being harassed by his cat, Scooch. 

Chris Lomaka

3D Artist

After working on a historically accurate Las Vegas, a historically accurate Middle Earth, a historically accurate Salem MA, and historically accurate Halo 4 and 5, Chris joins the team for doing historically accurate Mesozoic Hell Creek environments. True story.



27 year old AI and networking specialist with a passion for complex systems. Likes birds and anything vaguely resembling birds. Is totally into the idea of games that passively educate people.

Nick 'Jobaria' Turinetti


Nick is the brains behind the original concept of Saurian & for gathering this team together to make this dream a reality. By day he works at a Railway Museum, and so he is officially living his childhood fantasy of working with both trains & dinosaurs.

Christian Masnaghetti

3D Artist/Graphic Artist/Concept Artist

Chris is a 27 year-old Industrial Designer working as 2D/3D generalist. If not at work, he's probably riding one of his bikes. Excelling in dinosaur illustration, Chris was recruited to draw the animals no one wanted to.

Henry Meyers


Henry Meyers graduated with a BA in Computer Science from Bard College in 2015, and is particularly interested in AI-based emergent narratives in games. He is also an occasional musician.

Alejandra Soto-Sauceda


Alejandra graduated with a BS in Multimedia Production Engineering in 2011. She has a passion for games that can make a positive impact on the world, and a deep love for Corgis.

Jake Baardse

3D Artist/Animator

Jake Baardse is a highly accomplished dinosaur sculptor. With his ample knowledge of 3D software, Jake was brought on to realize the vision of Saurian. Even at a young age he knew his passion for dinosaurs would tempt him away from the inviting bosom of McDonalds' minimum wage.

Francisco Godinho

Sound Designer/Composer

Vouches never to use a Wilhelm Scream as a pterosaur mating call. This is his only photo that isn’t the standard “electronic musician looking grim at things.”

Michael 'Xane' Lesniowski


Michael Lesniowski graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. A palaeoenthusiast with an eminent passion for maniraptorans of past and present, casual birder and wildlife photographer. Is actually a Deinonychus in disguise.