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[font_icon icon="icon-lightbulb"] Live Like a True Dinosaur!

Saurian is a video game focused on providing the most captivating prehistoric experience ever developed for commercial gaming: living like a true dinosaur in a dynamic open world through intense, survival based gameplay. Players will have the opportunity to take control of several different species of ancient dinosaur in their natural environment.

[font_icon icon="icon-lightbulb"] Sophisticated AI

Saurian's AI uses a machine learning algorithm based on biology and psychology. As far as we are aware, this is the first time machine learning has been used in a commercial game outside of academia Their behavior changes as they interact with the world, each other, and the player, as they try to find the best survival strategies. The AI can react to the presence and proximities of food, water, and other animals, as well as intraspecies gender dynamics based on field studies of ecologically analogous modern animals.

[font_icon icon="icon-dashboard"] Research-based Design

We pride ourselves on our scientific rigor. All aspects of Saurian are backed up with extensive research to ensure our animals and their world is up to date with the cutting edge of scientific knowledge. This involves consultation with leading experts such as John R. Hutchinson, Matt Wedel, Denver Fowler and Gregory Wilson.



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The Technological Demo

This pre-alpha demonstration highlights some of the upcoming features of Saurian, including some of the animals, the basics of the AI system, and the detailed flora of the Hell Creek environment of 66 million years ago. The player will take control of Acheroraptor, the North American cousin of the famous Velociraptor. You will play as an adult raptor as it attempts to survive in a small slice of Hell Creek populated by both predators and prey. [clear] [one_third] [/one_third]


How to Play

Move Acheroraptor around the environment. You can sprint by holding the SHIFT key, but this will deplete your stamina and cannot be done forever, so choose your moments wisely. Swimming and attacking will also use stamina. Stamina can be restored by walking or standing. In this tech demo, you do not need to manage your other needs (hunger, thirst, etc.) as you would in the final game. Our intention is to provide a basic example of how you will interact with the AI animals that populate the landscape. Observe their behaviours in action as they search for food and water. Tyrannosaurs will try and eat you, and prey animals can be killed, but you will not need to eat them to survive. [/two_thirds] [clear]


[one_third] Movement: W, A, S, D Sprint: SHIFT [/one_third] [one_third] Jump: SPACE Attack: LEFT MOUSE BUTTON [/one_third] [one_third] Camera: MOUSE [/one_third]




These are the first entries in our cast of characters for Saurian. This is by no means the complete list, as we will continue to populate the environment of Hell Creek with a rich variety of both flora and fauna.



The primary danger to Acheroraptor in this demo is the giant predator Tyrannosaurus. Avoid this animal at all costs as, if it is hungry, it will view you as easy prey. [/one_half]



Although a herbivore, Triceratops is not to be taken lightly. Too large for Acheroraptor to prey upon, this animal can kill you easily with its natural bulk and weaponry. [/one_half]




Small enough for Acheroraptor to attack and kill, and not able to deal much damage in reply, Thescelosaurus is your primary source of prey. [/one_half]



The North American cousin of the famous Velociraptor. The Acheroraptor is the smallest dinosaur in this tech demo, but its feathers make it the coolest! [/one_half]



[font_icon icon="icon-lightbulb"] Stay Connected

www.sauriangame.com twitter.com/sauriangame facebook.com/sauriangame [/one_third]

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[font_icon icon="icon-flag"] Disclaimer

Although much of the demo reflects the direction we are moving in production, everything you will see is a work in progress and does not reflect the final state of the software. [/one_third]