Saurian DevLog #48

If you've followed our last couple of posts you might guess that we're pretty much all-hands-on-deck testing and bug fixing. Because of this we're a bit light on new content again, but Bryan thankfully pulled through with something real cool.

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Tom Parker Comments
Saurian Devlog #46

[Header image captured by Steam user Jinawee]

   Hey everyone! We're on feature lockdown for the next patch, meaning we're largely focusing on fixing bugs and other relatively unexciting stuff that isn't exactly devlog-worthy. We still have a few updates for you, though.

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Saurian DevLog #45

So you may remember me mentioning recently that the programmers have been working on some top secret projects for the game. Well, today we are excited to reveal one of these to you: gradual ontogenetic morphing.

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Art Book Announcement

Hi guys, this is RJ.

Both myself and Chris have been working really hard on getting this art book out to you guys and had planned on releasing it this month. Unfortunately this no longer seems to be the case. We are only planning one print run of this book so we want everything to be as good as possible for it release. This required a lot more work than I think either of us had anticipated. I do have good news though. We are currently at what I would estimate is 90% completion of this massive undertaking. This means the project completing in June is not only likely but pretty much guaranteed barring either one of us dying(stay safe Chris!). Once the book is printed, all physical Kickstarter rewards will begin shipping as well. Thank you guys for your patience with this. Its just a little bit longer now.

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