Saurian DevLog #33

We're working away on a new update that we are trying to get out to you all for Christmas. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes secret stuff going on for this but we think you'll like it a lot. Here are a couple of things we've been working on, one which you'll see in the new patch and another that'll be in later on.

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Tom Parker 9 Comments
Saurian DevLog #28

Our programming are still working hard on getting the next patch to you, and we're still working on getting this Mac build to work properly. As with last DevLog, Jake and Bryan have some work from the art side of things to show off in the meantime.

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Tom Parker 22 Comments
Saurian DevLog #27

The next patch has been taking a little longer than our last couple, our programmers are working on getting a couple of things just right. For our DevLog this week we've got a few new artistic endeavours that the rest of the team has been knocking out during this time.

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