Saurian DevLog #74

Jacob is back from his slumber! He does not come baring dinosaurs today, but he did bring some real nice looking trees. Henry & the gang have still been trucking away on Triceratops, of course, and brings a tantalising glimpse for our eternally patient Mac users:

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Saurian DevLog #72

Henry, Syri and I are back again this week with some further updates on our work for you all. With this and other work behind the scene by our other programmers, Triceratops as a playable character is inching ever closer.

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Saurian DevLog #70

We have a bit of a grab-bag for you this week. A little from the programming side and a little from the art side. The former have been working hard on building the systems for the playable Triceratops, and we are excited to show off some of our progress on that front.

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Saurian DevLog #69

The visual art side of the project doesn’t have anything complete enough to show off this week, but the programmers have been hard at work, as has Xico. Plus, we have another new programmer join the team!

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