Saurian DevLog #5

It is that time again. it feels like we just started doing these and already we're on our fifth entry. Chris L. I've been working on lots of stuff, but one of the few things that's complete is an additional terrain material for our forest floor. It was a slightly new process for me, full of little bugs that had stopped me before, but I managed to work through them to get this nice tiling material that incorporates lots of bits of the plants that are being used.

Erin Lots of work has been put into the looks and performance of our Hell Creek environment this past month. We are in the midst of doing a complete rework on all of our plants assets so that they also look and perform even better. While we're not ready to showcase our plants, here's a short video showing our current assets in the thickest density I've been yet able to spawn them while maintaining a smooth and stable framerate. (Background audio, assets and environment not final.)

[embed width="700"][/embed]

Bryan Been working on getting the Anatosaurus ready to go in the game. In this case Anatosaurus has a special rig I invented which allows me to control the front feet in a very simple and ergonomic fashion. It took a couple days to find a good method of getting this result, but it'll be worth it as the animations that come from this will give a very fluid and natural appearance.

Jake The last few weeks have been bogged down with technical work on the plants with limited interesting developments to show. But we were able to drag RJ out of his home in the swamp to redesign the pachy, which has finally given me something noteworthy to do. My workflow and technique has evolved a fair bit since the last sculpt and I'm pretty happy with the finer details on this piece. I started it on stream, but most of the work on it was done off stream. Hopefully over the next few days it will be finalized and we can begin working on its topology and new textures.