Saurian DevLog #6


Above (left to right): Henry (sans moustache), RJ, Bryan, Erin and Jake. This week was a special one as Jake, Henry and RJ travelled out to visit Bryan and Erin (and of course Gerry) at what has been dubbed The Saurian House. As this game is being developed by an international team communicating over the internet, this was the first time anyone other than Bryan and Erin had met each other in person. There was plenty of fun to be had playing VR, shooting Bryan's many firearms and seeing Shin Godzilla.

There were plenty of zoological adventures to be had as well, playing with Gerry, Bryan's Tegu and Erin's innumerably large collection of snakes and lizards. Henry was even unfortunate enough to sustain a lizard bite, so he can add that to the bucket list. Additionally, the crew also took trips to the local zoo and to an impressive live raptor show, where they got to meet some of the modern world's remaining dinosaurian predators.

Not to worry though, the trip was not all play, most of the time together at the house was spent having a big Saurian work get-together. With that, we'll now get on with your regular scheduled DevLog, and I'll let the guys show off some of what they worked on while they were together.

Jake Its been a long week of guns, emus, vicious reptile mood swings and various forms of male bonding, yet despite RJ's pungent stench I managed to keep busy and got plenty done while doing my bid at the Saurian house. Some I can show and some will be revealed in due time. Aside from a fully realized Anatosaurus I also spent some time bringing our thescelo back up to standard. Its got a new sculpt that reflects more published data and a sexy new PBR paint job so that it shines in the sun like its supposed to. This will be one of the more common dinosaurs foraging around Hell Creek so its important it looks good, right? Literally flying back today, its been a fun and oddly productive 10 days. Hopefully Saurian dev congregations like this will be a bit more common in the future.

RJ During the past few weeks I've been fighting a battle against drawing the Pachycephalosaurus ontogeny. Since the last update I had to rework the head of the adult, again. Doing this forced me into setting up the horns into separate layers so I could move them down the line into the younger stages as each stage retains most of the same head ornaments. This was the worst, Pachycephalosaurus is almost certainly the hardest dinosaur to draw right, its dumb. Also I went to visit the Saurian house and Henry gave me his moustache.

Bryan I finished the Anatosaurus rig shortly after the last DevLog and went ahead with a full locomotion series, it now walks, trots, runs and sprints at up to 18.26 MPH/29.28 KPH. Then we tested it out in-engine using my HTC Vive. Jake, Henry, Erin and myself can all confirm a 15 meter Anatosaurus is absolutely enormous when seen 'in person'. We're also working on Quetzalcoatlus sp, it's been retopologized and Jake is sitting on my couch painting it as I type this.

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And that is it for this week. RJ has already flown home, Jake and Henry fly out today. It will then be back to our regular workflow for everyone and we'll show you what that brings on the next DevLog!