Saurian DevLog #10 - Two no-shows and one sick Triceratops


Above: Subadult Triceratops sculpt by Jake Baardse.

Over the last two weeks the programmers have been hard at work doing some really cool stuff, but it is not quite ready to show yet, so we've got more art assets for you once again. We promise their stuff is awesome and will be worth the wait. In addition, Chris L. and Jack have been pushing out plants, Erin has been working on optimising the environment and we've officially begun QA testing!

Chris M. This week will go down in history for including the day Henry tried to assassinate my computer with a virus hidden in a copy of Twilight. Despite this vicious and unprovoked assault on my life and property, I was able to continue on with the non-dinosaurian concepts. I have been working on the alligatoroid Brachychampsa (you can trust the quality of this reconstruction is good because it was vetted by RJ, who knows suspiciously too much about these critters).

There's something very distinctive about this creature: see how blunt the teeth on the base of the mouth are, clearly specialized to break up baby Ankylosaurs and crack open crustacean (and turtle maybe?) shells. Maybe On Next Texts About New Animals Should Preferably Include New Unlikely Speculation. In Such Readings, Encountering Absolute Laughs.

Jake These past few weeks I have been putting the finishing touches on a number of animals. Despite Henry's best efforts to sabotoge my computer with Twilight movie nights I was able to complete some minor tweaks on Pachy as well as apply the finishing touches on Champsosaurus and Palaeosaniwa. Hooray. Most important of all of this, the Triceratops has finally seen its redesign. This was the oldest model in the game, harkening back to our Cryengine days. We made a few mistakes with our references and its date clearly showed in the overall quality of the model. In addition, its sub-adult life stage was also completed. Its neat to see them in contrast as the sub-adult looks much more like your traditional trike in comparison to the adult. The keratin covered face is in accordance with some information and guidance given to us by Denver Fowler. That's all I've got for you today, don't watch Twilight. It will literally destroy Chris' computer.

Nick & Tom Hey everyone! Just a heads up,this will also be the last DevLog of 2016, so happy holidays and new years to all our fans. Thanks so much for all your support, we've come so far this year. It has been an absolute whirlwind with the kickstarter, transitioning from working in our spare time to full-time devotion to the project, and all the work we've gotten done since. After more than three years of effort, Saurian's release is finally on the horizon, just stick it out with us a little longer. If you want to keep up with the latest developments and hang out with other people excited about Saurian and the science behind it, I highly recommend you check out our Discord. Also, apparently don't accept links to Twilight Saga films from Henry. Hopefully third time is the charm.