Saurian DevLog #14 - A Sound of Thunder


Hello again fans and followers! Recently Xico has been delving right into the legwork necessary to get all of his incredible audio goodness into Saurian. This week he'll explain all this to you, along with a beastly crocodilian from Jake, and a neat demonstration from the programmers. Xico I’ve started integrating the sound design I did for Saurian so far with FMOD, an audio middleware software for game engines which provides a lot of flexibility on sorting all sorts of audio parameters for our programmers to implement without much hassle, giving a rich and engaging soundscape to our game, from simple volume commands to control multiple intensities of rain and wind, to randomized parameters for the multiple calls our animals will make, to smooth transitions between underwater sounds and their respective regular outdoors counterparts, amongst many other things. I’ve already created a good and dynamic blueprint for the environment sounds and I’m about to wrap up the multiple sound events for the species we’ll have on our initial release, one by one, forming a simple and intuitive structure for our programmers to follow after I’m done. This organization will also simplify a lot any other animal or environment sounds we’ll implement later, since the structure will be unchanged and all I have to do is create the respective sound event on the appropriate folder. Below you can hear a simple footstep test where I’m mixing in real time the multiple ground textures, from dirt, to sand, to mud, to water. (NOTE: The heavy thud you hear will be less present while you’re walking, it’ll probably have this volume value while you’re sprinting though.)

[audio mp3=""][/audio]

Tyrannosaurus swim sample by Francisco Godinho

On the little example above you can hear some daytime exploration music and below you can hear the full soundtrack mixdown of the respective song. FMOD will also allow me to create dynamic music that can either react to certain player actions, or will randomize multiple loops from a certain song, which will help on avoiding unnecessary repetition. This is this case with daytime music, where the multiple elements of any song, will be played arbitrarily, giving countless combinations to one or two songs, or maybe even all of them together.


Jake So for the last few weeks I've been retopologising a series of high detail models I created. This needs to be done so that I can begin the process of texturing, and so they can be rigged and animated. Stinky Henry makes the daily challenge of getting work done difficult with his constant attempts to sabotage my computer with cam versions of Fifty Shades Darker (specifically the Latino audio version) but I did manage to get some dank nasty eye candy for everyone in the form of a textured Thoracosaurus. Enjoy.

Thoracosaurus textured game model by Jake Baardse

Henry The past weeks have been spent ironing out bugs and features in preparation for pre-release. One of those is the climbing mechanic. Long time Saurian fans may remember this from a livestream many moons ago (The Great White Column has been retired and an actual tree has taken it’s place). I’m really excited to start showing off the mechanics we’ve worked on and can’t wait for all of you to get your hands on it. Please note that the adult Dakotaraptor is simply a placeholder while the animations for the young stages are completed. This is also why he looks too large for the tree, he is not supposed to be climbing it!

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