What to expect when you’re expecting: Pre-Release Access


Greetings backers and followers! 1. First and foremost, we are announcing that all BackerKit pre-orders (unless you have used PayPal) will be charged February 28th. Please check your BackerKit survey if you need to make any changes to your payment information.* - To retrieve your survey, click here - If you have any questions or need help, PLEASE use our BackerKit support

2. As you have probably noticed, January has come and gone, it is now mid-February, and Saurian is not sitting in your Steam library with several hundred hours of play time logged. We understand our backers can barely hold back their excitement to finally play Saurian, so we’d like to lay out for you exactly what is in store for pre-release backers.

If you have been following our social media, devlogs or joined our Discord, you should be well aware that it has been our plan for some time to release Saurian to Early Access during the First Quarter of 2017 (January through March). Kickstarter and Backerkit didn’t allow us to select a range for our release date so we optimistically selected an estimated delivery time of January. We apologise for any confusion this may have caused. It became apparent to us during our Kickstarter campaign that January was too specific a time frame for us to meet expectations, therefore we adopted a more broad projected release.

3. Now for some good news: For those of you who pledged $60 or more to our Kickstarter, Pre-Release Access is just around the corner, and we want to give you an idea of what’s in store. Pre-Release will consist of specific parts of Saurian’s advertised features, including Dakotaraptor movement and gameplay features like Raptor Prey Restraint (RPR) and climbing. In addition, we’ll be providing several playable scenes that feature other parts of the game; like environmental scenes showcasing our foliage assets, weather, and water systems; AI scenes and other features we’re still putting finishing touches on. These scenes will be iterative, and we’ll update them as we make progress on each aspect of development leading up to Early Access release. This is your chance as backers to provide us with targeted feedback on specific aspects of the game as we actively work on it. Which brings us to our next announcement: The best place to provide feedback will be on our Steam Forums, which will be available as soon as Pre-Release access is ready to play.

4. We’re still working every day on getting Saurian into your hands, thank you for your patience, only a little while longer now! We invite everyone to follow us on the development of Saurian through our devlogs, which we have been releasing every other Thursday since the conclusion of our Kickstarter in June 2016. You can find them here on our website’s blog.

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