Saurian DevLog #15


Hey gang, it is that time again. We're continuing to work hard getting all the components of pre-release in order, we've got a couple of them to show off for you below: Erin I've been hard at work for months on putting together and optimising Saurian's environment. The extreme density of flora has been a constant hurdle, but by working together with Jake and Henry we have made some major progress on plant optimisation and integration with our AI systems. Although the AI integration with the environment is not quite ready to show off, we can now show you some parts of the environment with flora accurate to their biome. This is a first pass at foliage placement with nearly all of our plant assets, and will be hugely more refined by the time we hit Early Access.

Henry Working on scent and tracking has been fun, smelling stinky Jake's stinky scent was not. This is an early concept of what we want tracking to be, the complexity of the system will continue to grow as we keep iterating on it. To make use of scent, the player will have to repeatedly 'sniff' represented by the shift to greyscale in the video below. The idea is particles will change in appearance according to the source of the scent (a wounded animal, a potential mate or a potential predator, etc). Your ability to "sense" the nodes will also be affected by other factors such as weather, age, and proximity to Jake's stank, among others.

[embed width="700"][/embed]

That's all we have for you this week, but stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to pre-release!