IMPORTANT: Saurian release delay (DevLog #16)


Saurian fans, Lets get the bad news out of the way first: we are now estimating Saurian's release will be in Q2 of 2017 (before July). This applies to both pre-release and early access, but we assure you we are still working hard to get these out to you as soon as we can.

We understand that many will be disappointed to hear this, so we think it is fair to give everyone our reasons for delaying the release of Saurian. The primary cause is that some of the key systems of the game we promised for early access will not be ready by the end of this month, most noticeably the ontogeny system (this allows for the player to grow from hatchling to adult) and the sound system (integration of music, sound effects, etc. into the game). We would not feel comfortable releasing to the public without these in place.

Aside from these, some other items are in need of completion and polish time in order to release a worthwhile product. These include the following: - Optimisation: We would like Saurian to be as widely available as we possibly can. The fact that we are aiming to have a foliage-dense environment populated by numerable AI entities poses a lot of optimisation problems. This will take some work to get running smoothly on as many machines as possible. - Balancing: Making this game fun is in our absolute top priorities. We are very happy with how Saurian's gameplay is emerging, but at the same time we want to make the best possible first-showing of the game. We feel we can better balance gameplay as well as player features (combat/Raptor Prey Restraint, climbing, and general control feel) and the AI (regarding balancing behaviours; when they should run, fight, eat, drink, rest, etc) given some more crucial development time before releasing the game. - Bugs: Thanks to our super sleuth QA team, we've found our fair share of bugs. This is laughably normal in the development of any game, but if we can help it we want our players to have a largely bug- and glitch-free experience when playing Saurian. So, we want to also devote this extended time before the release of the game to hopefully limit the bugs in the game to only the ones you hear in the forest ambience.

Based on these reasons, we hope that we are able to broach some understanding as to our choice to push back the release of Saurian. We will continue to update you guys via our bi-weekly devlogs, as we have since the end of our Kickstarter. We are extremely appreciative of the community that has grown around this passion project of ours; we simply could not ask for a better community.

So this announcement is not entirely a downer, we have something special. We’ve taken some footage of us playing with the AI scene and providing some commentary on the game and its development. Hope you enjoy:

[embed width="700"][/embed]

And now on with the regular devlog:

Erin Over the past two weeks, I've continued to refine the composition of the foliage for Saurian's environment. So, today I'd like to showcase the six major biomes present in Saurian's Hell Creek. These biomes in the gif below are are: redwood forest, fern prairie, broadleaf forest, upland forest, beach and cypress swamp. Working along with Tom, we've been slowly but surely perfecting these biomes based on the fossil record and with inspiration from similar places in the world today.

Chris L. I've been working a lot on the LODs for our foliage. It's not particularly exciting (who wants to see LODs), but people might like to know that we're still working to make sure this title doesn't have monster requirements. You should be able to run it on a... wait for it... DINOSAUR of a computer! Oh, and I'm working on one of the most dopey turtles ever - Axestemys. It's large enough to eat you if you're a hatchling, so try not to make any 'Jar-Jar of Hell Creek' jokes out loud when you're near it.