Saurian DevLog #20 - Invasion of the Small-ish Critters


Chris L.The biggest thing I've done recently is finish the Axestemys (though I like to refer to him as Mr. Floppy Turtle when it gets late). It took a bit longer than usual, but I really wanted to run it through Substance Painter to learn the ins and outs of this program. The other main thing I've been working on is a bit more subtle, it involves... you guessed it: trees. As we fill in the world, we notice ecological niches start to stand out as needing more content. In this case, we have plenty of medium and super-tall trees, but we needed more saplings of those trees, young'uns around 6ft high or so. Small enough that they needed new branches to be made since adult branches on a tiny tree would just look ridiculous.

Jake Exploring the animation frontier has been a strange mix of both fulfilling and arduous. Significant progress has been made but unfortunately nothing is ready to be shown yet. To keep myself productive I've been doing some presentation related art for the pre-release which I'm sure will reveal itself at some point down the line. The majority of my work for the first release is done, so most of my time when not animating is used putting the finishing touches on art assets and making sure everything looks just right. While you wait for something more meaningful have a fancy render of the Thescelosaurus.

In addition to this, I've given Chris Masna the rundown on Substance Painter so he can get to work texturing some of my other finished models. He has taken to it very quickly and you can see some of his handywork on the Champsosaurus below. So with these two plus Chris Lomaka's Axestemys, we've got a nice little trio of animals very important to the gameplay of Dakotaraptor all ready to be rigged and animated.

Programmers You know the drill by now, we're mostly ironing out remaining bugs and preparing the pre-release. We did take a break from this temporarily to bring you Steam integration! To those wondering how we managed to get into Steam without going through Greenlight... don't worry about it.

While we were there, we decided to work a little bit on an Achievement system, so all of you that are into that have something to look forward to. We promise to keep the inside jokes in the achievements to a minimum.