Pre-Release FAQ


So the Saurian Pre-Release demo is now live on steam. There will be no true DevLog this week as we were all hard at work on this over the past couple of weeks, instead we will be giving those of you who have the demo a little FAQ cheat sheet. Remember this is an early build, and the game will be continually improved from here. What are the controls? As Dakotaraptor: - Movement: WASD - Jump: Space - Attack: Left Mouse - Balance flap: Right Mouse - Sprint: Shift - Trot: Caps Lock - Restart scene: F1

As the spectator camera: - Movement: WASD - Jump: Space - Toggle flying camera: double tap Space - Change speed: Mouse Scroll Wheel - Hide menu: Enter - Restart scene: F1

How to perform "Raptor Prey Restraint"? In order to kill Pachycephalosaurus in the player interaction scene you can technically bite it to death with the left mouse button, but the more efficient method is to jump onto it (space bar) and perform RPR. Once your raptor is latched on, press the right mouse button to stay balanced, you don't need to spam it, and the left mouse button to do damage. Repeat until your prey is subdued.

Does the pre-release support controllers? Yes, steam controllers, PS3, PS4, XBox One and Xbox 360 controllers are all supported. Note: controllers are not currently supported for the menu, but will work in all the scenes.

Can I stream/make Youtube videos? Yes you can! We encourage it.

Can I give feedback on the demo? Yes you can! You can use the contact form here on our website or our Discord server:

Can I buy this game? The pre-release demo was for $60+ backers only, but you can pre-order the full game at our backerkit store.

What do the bars on the UI mean? The smaller the central circle is, the lower your stamina.