Saurian DevLog #22

Hi Saurian fans!We hope those of you who have the pre-release are enjoying yourselves with it! For us it is back to work on the game, pushing towards our next release: early access. Here are a couple of aspects of that from Henry and Bryan:

Henry Since the demo release, I've finally had time to do some work implementing Xico's beautiful soundscapes. The challenge, as given by Tom and Xico, was to place ambient sounds around the player randomly as they went around the world, but also to restrict certain types of sounds to specific regions of the map. I set a further goal for myself to make sure that the sound of water would change based on its depth. Since this system works and I have a lot of other work on my plate, this is probably the ambient sound system that will be in initial Early Access release -- however, down the road, I hope to make it much more rad. For now, here's a sneak peak of what it's like to hear the soundscapes.

[embed width="700"][/embed] (P.S.: It's even cooler with music!)

Bryan While most of what I've been working on is pretty unremarkable in terms of things worth seeing, I do bring the Ornithomimus to show today, complete with the new MassFX physics which you can see in the video. It should be noted that the video doesn't do the Sprinting animation justice, which starts at about a minute 30, the camera in the preview window tries to target the model's centre of mass which makes it look a bit goofy. Also, for those wondering, this is the fastest ground animal in the game, it tops out at 54 KPH or 33.5 MPH, more than a little faster than Dakotaraptor's 43.5 KPH/27 MPH. As you can see, the model is untextured at the moment, Chris Masna is currently hard at work on that.

[embed width="700"][/embed]

Aside from that, I've been updating the Dakotaraptor skeleton to fix a bug related to ontogeny and while it's nothing players will ever see or notice in the game it's nice to have it out of the way.