Saurian DevLog #23


Apologies if the devlogs are a little shorter going towards release, we are all very busy on getting the game ready for you all. That said, Henry was kind enough to take some time from his day to get an entry out to you all: Henry With less than a month to release, the Saurian programming team has been hard at work squaring away the last of what is needed to release the game with as many features as possible. Among the many tasks we've been whittling away at, I've recently finished up code on family dissolution. I've written in the past about social dynamics, but I haven't written much about how those bonds are broken/strained. Dakotaraptor, for example, will terminate bonds with their children after they become juveniles. In addition, I had to write how your family members will react if you decide to be a jerk to them (as I know a good few of you will). You'll probably be OK if you're just bullying your siblings, but I don't recommend trying it on your parents...

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We've also been ironing out the final kinks in our ontogeny system, and trying to keep up with Bryan as he cranks out the last remaining animations for the Dakota growth stages. Here are some brief glances into what it looks like to control each growth stage:

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