Saurian DevLog #29

Hey everyone!

We're hard at work finishing up the next patch, and have a couple previews of things to come both soon and later. Also, a quick announcement: the first volume of Xico's amazing soundtrack will be released alongside the next patch, and will be available for download via Bandcamp and Steam. If you pledged for a Kickstarter tier that included the soundtrack, you will be receiving an e-mail with instructions to receive it. That said, here are the goods.


While most of my recent work has been making some long-due improvements to AI movement processing, I've also had the pleasure of introducing Palaeosaniwa to our ecosystem. I was able to write some new minor systems to accomodate Palaeosaniwa--including venom, which is unique to it. This little rapscallion is particularly relevant to Dakotaraptors, since their relationship changes drastically over a lifetime. Here's s little taste of those interactions:





These past weeks I continued to prepare the last of our animals for animation so they can be put into the game. I also spent some time on plants, but who wants to see that? Instead take a gander at this nice Denversaurus render. I actually had to paint it from scratch, the topology and UV needed to be adjusted to accommodate the corrected cheeks. (See an earlier blog post on that). Victoria Arbour also consulted us on this one. He is nice and purple, a color Henry despises. Please send Henry lovely messages.



A look at the improved in-game encyclopedia feature (since the last devlog it was shown in). You are able to select and view any animal currently in the game. Each animal and biome will also have a short description so you can learn more about them! The encyclopedia will be expanded upon and be given more features over time. Rotating the animals is done by holding the left mouse button and dragging, while you can move the silhouette by right clicking the point on the screen you want it to slide to. We are excited that the encyclopedia will be appearing in Saurian's next update!



There's been a lot of new information about a certain famous dinosaur this year and we have definitely been paying attention. I have spent dozens of hours working on something with some major input from both Scott Hartman and Mark Witton, two experts in life appearance of prehistoric animals. Unfortunately I can't say just yet what this is, but its pretty exciting for us and I hope you start getting excited too. It's expected sometime in the next month so pay attention.


That's all for this week; content for the next patch is locked down and going through final prepping before release, so stay tuned!

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