Saurian DevLog #28

Hey everyone!

Our programming are still working hard on getting the next patch to you, and we're still working on getting this Mac build to work properly. This patch has obviously been longer than the others but as a result it is going to be filled with way more content than the previous couple. We thank you for your patience and can't wait for you to enjoy it.

As with last DevLog, Jake and Bryan have some work from the art side of things to show off in the meantime.


I've been working on the animations for Palaeosaniwa. I wanted to look at him in VR to get a feel for how big he his, turns out he's pretty big... and angry.

The Palaeosaniwa as viewed from human perspective in VR.


These last few weeks I've been back to polishing off assets that weren't quite finished yet and even setting them up to be put in the pipeline down the road. Our go to expert for ankylosaur knowledge, Victoria Arbour, had a few tweaks in mind for our Ankylosaurus model informed by the discovery of Zuul crurivastator. I slapped those together, retopologised the sculpt, painted the materials and rigged it. Its pretty fair to say this is one of the most rigorous restorations of this dinosaur out there. Its also pretty fair to say Henry is an angel of darkness and makes everyone upset. Please help me.

Ankylosaurus Render.jpg
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