Saurian DevLog #31

Hey all,

At long last the patch we've spent the last few months on is going public, so enjoy that! Because we have been all putting all our time into getting this build ready, we don't have much else to show you this week. However, we did do a stream last week where we went over some new features you can expect in the patch. We've put the recording up on Youtube, which you can view here if you couldn't make it to the show:



Soundtrack Vol. I Release

Saurian’s Original Game Soundtrack Vol. I is now available through our Steam Page and XZICD’s own Bandcamp on all desired formats.

We’ve decided to split the soundtrack onto two volumes in order to deliver something a little bit sooner to our backers and fans, who want to experience Saurian’s music outside the game at their own convenience. 

The pricing will remain the same as advertised through our Backerkit ($9.99) for the full soundtrack, meaning backers will receive both Volumes in due time for no added value. Those who wish to acquire Vol. I but hadn’t previously backed the game and its respective soundtrack tier through our Kickstarter campaign, can do so now on our stores for half the price of the full package ($4.99). Similarly, Vol. II won’t suffer any pricing changes when completed. Backerkit users will receive a download code to acquire Vol. I through Saurian's BackerKit service.

Vol. I is comprised of all the music made available during our Early Access launch, with some bonus material thrown in as well, which will be slowly added during the aforementioned EA period. Vol. II will be a continuation of what you find in Vol. I (more combat, nighttime and daytime songs), whilst also containing music to be added onto the later stages of Saurian’s development cycle, like Post-Impact Survival music amongst other compositions more closely related with gameplay mechanics.

Art Book Update

Now a note on the art book: Chris M. is working on the final pieces, and after that he will begin putting it together. Despite this, even if the book was sent for physical production today, shipping of the rewards would fall right into the madness of Christmas season. In order to avoid people's items getting lost or damaged, we think it would be best to wait until after Christmas to ship the Kickstarter rewards.

In related news Chris M. is currently putting the finishing touches on the final dinosaur design for the game. He's not ready to show it off yet, but he did make this for you:

Who dat boi.png

That's all for this week! 

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