Saurian DevLog #32

Hey everyone! 

We're all right back into the swing of developing new content after the last patch, and we're hoping to have some nice new things for you come Christmas. 

First, a quick shout-out to our patient Mac fans, and a heads up that we've found a new potential way around our main OSX-related issues that we're looking into right now. While we can't make promises, we're hopeful for a little OSX Christmas miracle. 
That said, here's some news!


I've been putting some more touches on the Anzu texture while Bryan has been starting the ground work for its animation rig. The iridescent effect has complicated the texture process and will probably require more advanced shader work down the line to get it to look correct. For now specular maps have been utilized to give it the proper look and feel. This is has been one of the more complicated models to texture. Getting the alpha planes to behave also took a long time but I'm finally at a place where I'm starting to be happy with how its coming along. Feathers are hard.




As mentioned in our livestream and our Discord channel, we are reworking our jumping mechanic. We’ve been hearing from our player base about how it’s hard to pinpoint and land RPR correctly, which makes RPR and jumping frustrating. With that in mind, we’ve been experimenting with letting the player have a bit more agency over where they are going to land in the form of air control.

Our current prototype lets the player rotate in mid-air while moving the mouse and change their trajectory slightly with the movement keys. You can see an example of this in the video below. Please note that this is still being prototyped, and is subject to both minor and major changes.



Chris L.

I've been starting to convert some photoscanned objects into game assets, and early results are looking promising:



Hopefully these assets will add some welcome visual flavor to our environments. In addition, I've been optimizing foliage with the hope that we can improve our performance, and updating splat maps to make use of flow data that will make material placement / blending look better. 


That's all for this DevLog. See you in two weeks!

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