Saurian DevLog #27

Hi all! This new patch has been taking a little longer than our last couple, our programmers are working on getting a couple of things just right. For our DevLog this week we've got a few new artistic endeavours that the rest of the team has been knocking out during this time.


I've been mostly working on something big in secret, and it is going to stay that way for now. In the meantime I can finally show off the concept art I did for the new male Triceratops head that Jake has just applied to the model.

Week 27 RJ.jpg


I've been a busy boy these last few weeks, I need to keep up the pace otherwise Henry starts drinking again. I can't show everything I worked on just yet but I can show off the new Triceratops model and skin. People who have been following the project for a while will know that this was a long time in the making and was the result of some consultation by two of our paleo consultants, Denver Fowler and Ali Nabavizadeh. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. Expect it to be finding its way into a patch soon.


I also promised something furry last DevLog, and its not done yet. We sent it off to Greg Wilson whose given us advise on prehistoric mammals before and are presently awaiting feedback. For now enjoy this WIP shot of Didelphodon.

Didelph 3.png


One of the small things I've been working on for the next patch is a refined character select screen. We have changed the background (created by Jake) to better compliment with the main menu, improved lighting and post processing effects. The camera will now zoom in on the animal you select (of course, only Dakotaraptor is selectable for now). The UI used to display the sex selection has been reworked to be less ugly and matches with the rest of the style of the menu.

Week 27 Erin 1.PNG
Week 27 Erin 2.PNG
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