Saurian DevLog #26


Hey everyone! Here's a peek at some features upcoming in the next patch, as well as some art assets and an important announcement for OSX users. 


Recently Bryan bestowed us with some wonderful new animations for the crocodilians, and I have been happily implementing the associated behaviors. First off, crocodilians can now eat! This means that they will no longer simply abandon their kills after hunting, and might even try to steal your hard-earned meals as well. Second, the crocs now have a threat behavior, and their defensive attack behavior has been modified in accordance with it to better reflect real-world crocodilian behavior. Here's a quick look at that.


In addition to making and refining the LODs on our plants (yea! more lods!), I've been implementing custom bases for some of our larger trees. They're actually both better looking and better performing than the roots I had originally, especially at the lower LODs. I have also experienced one of the most unusual reactions to me working on art outdoors. I've gotten used to people stoping and staring over my shoulder and the like, but this is the first time I've had anyone fire warning shots at me for art; or for any other reason, really.


Throughout the past month, we have been looking into the issues that have prevented us from releasing the Mac version of Saurian, and we have some unfortunate news for our OSX users.  Before our release, we upgraded our version of Unity in order to fullfil the requirements needed to run other essential features of our foliage system. This resulted in several compatibility problems with our assets, Unity, and Apple's graphics APIs--forcing us to choose between delaying the OSX release of Saurian, or releasing a version that would run poorly even on higher-end Macs. We have decided that delaying is the best option, since the vast majority of OSX users would be unable to play otherwise.
We are still working  get Saurian in hands of Mac users as quickly as possible. We have a major plant optimization update planned for the current Windows version, and there is a chance this might help push the Mac build into a releasable state. We will continue to update you with significant news around this, and thank you for your patience.


These past two weeks I've been finishing off assets so they are game ready for the programmers. Low poly meshes have been made for Brachychampsa, as well as a skeleton. A nice texture set has been created and is presently being implemented by Henry. Its proportions are very similar to Borealosuchus so we were able to have them share a lot of animations. Chris Masna prepared a texture for the Palaeosaniwa a while ago, then passed it to me for some final tweaks before calling it game ready. Two scaly buggers down, maybe next devlog I can show off something furry. 

That's all for this DevLog. Keep an eye out for the next patch coming soon!

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