Saurian Devlog #35

   Hey everyone!
   2018's first DevLog is a short one--since our last patch just released, everyone has been off at work starting the next features, which you'll likely see more of in the next DevLog. That said, Jake still managed to get some great work done which he is excited to show off.


   In addition to retopologizing and constructing the alpha planes that will become its feathers, I've been working on the textures for our adorable little Pectinodon. I streamed most of the texturing process, which you can see recorded on my Twitch page. Other than the few tweaks and touch-ups still needed, it's for the most part ready to be put into the rigging and animation pipeline. Henry has editing power this week so I can't say anything mean or he will edit it out. He has a nice smile.



   Since our Discord community was able to find our last patch's secret almost immediately, we figured that the cat was out of the bag and we could share some fun stuff about our new border guard. As some of you have found, Mosasaurus not only will show up if you swim too far and give a (difficult but escapable) chase, but also spawn as a carcass on the beach. Discord community member Jynn was able to take a beautiful screenshot of this.

Screenshot credit: Jynn

Screenshot credit: Jynn


   While you will likely only ever see the Mosasaurus eat playable animals due to its role, I used AI animals for testing when writing the Mosasaurus AI and was able to get a video of it snacking on an NPC for you. Enjoy it, you bloodthirsty monsters!



Lastly, this week we are excited to announce that we have begun the prototyping phase of Saurian's next playable dinosaur: pachycephalosaurus! Of course everything is still very early, but currently it can eat from plants, bite, walk, trot, sprint, threaten, and swim. The whole team is busy taking notes on how gameplay feels so far and we're very enthusiastic already with how it feels interacting with the AI and environment from a pachy's point of view (tyrannosaurus in particular is refreshed in its terrifying-ness). We can't wait to delve further into pachycephalosaurus's development as a playable dinosaur and implement all of its features.


   That's all for this week--see you in a fortnight!

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