Saurian Devlog #36

   Hi again everyone,

Since the new years break the team has been back at it in a major way and we have a lot in the works right now. So, expect updates on a bunch of features to come soon, including mac and art book progress. For now, here are a few other things we've been working on: 


   Here are some videos showcasing Dakotaraptor's climbing feature. We're still roughing it out, but progress is going nicely and we've overcome some problems that initially prevented the feature from being released. The videos shown were recorded in the actual game and you can climb any tree that is thick enough to support your Dakotaraptor. As your Dakotaraptor grows, some trees will become too small or thin to climb anymore. It will also refuse to perch on branches that will no longer be able to support its weight.


   Over the last week or so I have been completely redoing the statistics for all of our animals. This includes any numerical value related to our combat system; bite damage, amount of tissue or armour (which contribute to total hit points), etc.

My goal with this was mostly to reduce the size of the numbers being used to make balancing easier for myself in the future when adding new creatures, but it also allowed me to make some changes to address common complaints from our players related to different animal combat strengths. Primarily, this meant giving a slight increase to the stats of the Dakotaraptor while slightly lowering the stats of the adult Pachycephalosaurus in relation. These two animals should be more evenly matched now, instead of the herbivore having a severe advantage as before. In addition to this, both crocodilians received a nerf as well as they were a little too tough - they weren't lowered too much though, they shouldn't be easy!


   If you've been following my Twitch you might have seen that I have done a number of things for Saurian in the past few week, but those wont be implemented for a while so we are going to talk about something that should be implemented soon. Now that animals can spawn in groups the team figured it was important that they had a bit more variety. Trikes now have a female skin so that you can distinguish between the different sexes. Here is a nice little render to show the differences between the two. Henry does not have editing powers today so my thoughts can remain unfiltered. He is a tyrant and a bad co-worker.

Female and male  Triceratops .

Female and male Triceratops.

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