Saurian DevLog #54


Hello again all!

If you haven’t heard, we were expecting to have a blog post on the science behind the new T. rex out this week but Tom and RJ both got sick simultaneously so we had to postpone it. We’re back on track now though and it should be out on Saturday. On to the DevLog, the dream team Henry and Jake have a bunch of stuff for you this week:

Jake “Snake Baby” Baardse

Model of a paravian nest based on oviraptorosaurs.

Model of a paravian nest based on oviraptorosaurs.



I've been a busy little boy these past few weeks despite Henry constantly bringing down my spirits with his endless burping. To start, I created the assets necessary for our nesting system. Care was taken to make sure the egg's texture and shape matched what we see in the fossil record. It was based on fossil oviraptorosaur eggs which showed a texture and blue-green color similar to that of modern emu eggs. The nest itself was based on well preserved oviraptorosaur nests such as Citipati and Heyuannia. For those curious there are fragmentary remains of a Deinonychus egg that show a structure much more like oviraptorosaurs than troodontids.

I gave it a special texture set that should allow us to get some cool effects during the construction. Egg configuration will be controlled by the programming side and will also be based on fossils from oviraptorosaurs.

But this is only the beginning. In addition to the nest work my animation training has finally paid off and I'm happy to show some work that will be going into the game fairly soon. I've animated Chris' Lepisosteus so we can finally have some more small fodder type animals in the game. This was a good start as it required a very simple animation set and was fairly simple to set up and animate.


But did you think I was just going to leave you with some fish? I've also been busy making the animation set for the Ankylosaurus and have made significant headway with it. All that is really left is the locomotion animations and it'll be ready for implementation. I'll share a little taste of what's to come. There is a big backlog of art assets and now that I'm getting comfortable animating I'm excited to start knocking things off the big Saurian checklist with haste. I hope to show more next devlog!



We've been up to quite a bit on the programming front, despite Jake’s endless shrieking bringing down our spirits. One new, exciting thing is that Chris Lomaka's Lepistosteus is now animated (courtesy of Jake) and functioning in-game! It still needs a little more fleshing out, but we're expecting this fella to give a bit more life to Saurian's waterways--especially when flooding is introduced. While they'll definitely be edible, we're still discussing internally how exactly the player will be able to eat them (since diving Dakotaraptor are highly unlikely).


Furthermore, we're happy to show that development on mating, courtship, and nesting is in progress! We've been prototyping some nesting-related systems, and have working prototype of our nest-placement mechanic (which uses terrain constraints to limit appropriate nesting spots), and swapping out intact egg models with their broken variants, both of which you can see here:


Something worth remembering is that the nesting selection shown here is the simplest manifestation planned: Dakotaraptor simply dig their nests, but other animals will be required to fetch special materials from the environment to finish making theirs. Dakotaraptor will need to sit on their eggs in order to keep them warm, where other animals will need to keep their nests stocked with vegetation.

We also added in a small (but potentially important) detail for hiding AI, which is that they now assume a more prone posture when hiding, making them harder to see. Compare the following clip to that in the previous devlog to see the difference that it makes in visibility:


That’s all for this week, see you in a few days for T. rex!

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