Saurian DevLog #58


Hi again everyone,

I have some an important update on the art-book today, so lets jump straight into it:


As many of you know, I spent a large chunk of 2017-2018 writing a field-guide style companion book for Saurian. Today I am very happy to report that we have nearly got this book in your hands. The final proofs are done and have been sent to the printer, which puts us at their mercy, but they know we would like this available before Christmas.

On that subject, I should note that Kickstarter backers who pledged for the book will receive their copies first. This also means all other rewards will be shipped along with these books, so hopefully you will all be receiving the fruits of your generous contributions quite soon!

This book took a mammoth effort on everyone’s part and I’m really excited for you all to see it. For now you’ll just have to settle with a preview of the cover, put together by Chris M. and RJ:

Cover preview.png

I really do have to shout out Chris here, as he put in an absolutely herculean effort on this thing, handling the graphic design, assembly, and much of the artwork.

Of course most of my efforts have gone towards the prep of this project, but I have found a spare moment or two to work on the game itself. I’ve been peppering away at some variant idle animations for our animals to give them a little character as they stand in the environment. Here is one of our anatosaur scratching an itch on her face, or maybe clearing some pesky insects from her nostrils, you decide.


I’ve been helping to finish off the art book. Mostly I had to finish off the ontogeny and some little behavior sketches for T. rex. This means I can now show off these speedy little fellas.

rjpalmer_youngrex_001 small.png

Their colors were inspired by baby komodo dragons and baby ratites, which have different coloration than their adults to help them camoflage.

rjpalmer_youngrex_006 small.png

I also spoke Casey M. Holliday, Ph.D, the paleontologist who wrote the paper on jaw muscles I used for my reconstruction, and I made some changes he suggested. All of these changes were to the muscles of the mouth. The colored muscles here are the ones I changed:


Since we've declared feature lockdown, we don't have much in the way of new features to show this week--mostly just fixing bugs (new and old, including the 'losing-momentum-when-entering-water' bug that Hyrotrioskjan poked me about in a recent stream), optimizing, and polishing existing systems. While all that stuff's rather boring, I still have one new thing to show: after a long delay, I properly subdivided data representing the saltwater and freshwater shorelines, meaning I could finally implement the ocean ambient sounds that Xico gave me ages ago. This will also allow for differentiating the types of animals that spawn at the river shoreline vs. the ocean shoreline, so hypothetically I can simply pop Thoracosaurus onto these beautiful beaches as soon as Jake hands it over to me. Fun! Here's a clip of Xico's new ocean ambience:

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