Saurian Devlog #37

   Hey everyone!

   This week we have a smattering of news from several fronts--starting with an art book update from our own wonderful paleoartist Chris Masna!

Chris M.

   Long time since my last DevLog entry, eh? Anyway, I continue working (hard, very hard) on the art book thingy. I can tell you that putting together a book takes much, much more time than I initially thought. Not to mention that many of the drawings I did -those originally intended for development purposes, not the published ones- had to be retouched or completely changed since then. But hey, I learned a lot about plant reproduction! 

   Overall, the first chapters are more or less done, and right now I’m starting to deal with the thick Fauna section. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a time estimate on this, but once all that is done, it'll be time for Tom to revise it and polish up the text he wrote, and for me to work on the so-called graphic design bit. You know--type, sections colours and all that boring stuff that will turn this pile of art and information into a proper book.



   One feature that we've wanted to take a stab at since pre-release (and which we've seen many of you request since) is more fine-grained control over your character when attempting to bite things -- both living and dead. Well, good things come for those who wait, and today we're revealing aim mode! 

   Aim mode is a new camera / character controller mode where you will get a much tighter view from your dinosaur's perspective, and be given much more control of where your dinosaur is pointing its head. In addition to providing a more immersive perspective, skillful players will potentially be able to use this to become more effective in combat by targeting sensitive areas (such as the neck). Don't worry if you don't think it'll be your cup of tea, though -- functionality in the default camera/controller mode will remain completely viable. With that said, here's the video footage you probably skimmed this paragraph looking for! 



   Progress on the soundtrack has been going very well and I can safely say I wrapped up all the daytime exploration music! Yay! Not only are these ready for Vol. II of the soundtrack but I’ve also finished the dynamic version of them to be included in the final release of the game, where each instrument on any given track will randomize itself, creating countless combinations on just a single song and keeping things varied and different every time you listen to them.

   I’ve also started working again on more combat tracks that have a lot of distortion. Distortion is cool. For these, I’m approaching them through a different lens, using different techniques, instruments and composition approaches but still trying to retain that Saurian feel to them. It’s a good challenge for me where I’m constantly learning new things, keeping things fresh and exciting. A lot of guitar pedals, tape recorders and tape delays are involved, so it makes everything sound fancier. Here’s a combat track I just finished with Henry playing all the string stuff!

That's all for this week. See you next time!

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