Saurian Devlog #39

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Good News!

Hey fellas, its time to talk about the art book. Its finally going to start shipping to Kickstarter backers in May. Which means all other backer rewards will start shipping then as well. The main reason for this delay has been my fault. I started work on a rigorous redesign for our T. rex last year and I wanted it to be a part of this book. You can see a sneak peak of this here. I will also be streaming work on this later this month so get excited. 



This week I've been revisiting a number of our tree models to make sure they are ready for the climbing feature. The original vision for the climbing system was much narrower but thanks to some Henry magic we were able to get a much more robust system then the original models accounted for. This required the tree models to be tweaked to take the newer system into consideration. The branches are basically broken up into 3 types. An impenetrable canopy, smaller perchable branches and larger perchable branches. Here is a preview of the latter two together, the thickness of the tree branch will give away whether it is a small or large branch.


Been working on finishing the animations needed to get Ornithomimus functional for the next patch. Don't underestimate it, it'll bonk you right on the noggin and then you'll be sorry you did whatever you did to get bonked on the noggin. Also been working on some super secret stuff behind the scenes, it's some pretty cool stuff we've been wrestling with for a few months and we've got a good workflow for it that works now, hopefully we'll have something worth showing for it soon. Aside from that it's a birthday Devlog today as Gerry turns 6 years old.

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