Saurian DevLog #42


DevLog #42

Hey everyone. Hopefully you are all enjoying the new patch. We have put up a small hotfix as well, addressing some common problems. We have also been streaming a lot since the last devlog, with both RJ and Bryan streaming their respective work. Links to both will be included below.


I've been revisiting the plant composition in Saurian's biomes with Tom. We've been careful to try to implement plants that are most important to Saurian's environment over time for performance reasons. There are actually a lot of plants done that can't be shown yet in-game as the models themselves as well our foliage system need more optimisation. That being said, we are looking to introduce some new plants species and there will be some major changes in plant composition next patch.



I've been doing animations for the slow garbage dinosaur Thescelosaurus. Most of this I've been doing live on stream on our YouTube page, which you can view below. This guy has got a real good threat display.


If you've been following my social media you will have seen that I've been streaming work on the new updated T. rex design. Our aim is to very seriously create the most accurate reconstruction of the rex ever done, right down to each bone and muscle.

You can see a preview of my progress of watch it being put together on my Twitch channel at

rex screenshot.png
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