Saurian Devlog #41

Hey everyone!

   Today's devlog is a short one, as it mainly serves to announce that the patch will be released... right now! In it, you can expect to find a new NPC dinosaur, climbing, gliding, aim mode, and a ton of new music among many other changes, fixes, and additions. We hope you enjoy it!

   With regards to our Mac users, we're sorry to say that we've heard of little progress from the 3rd-party developer we're relying on for a Metal API-compatible solution to terrain texturing, but are continuing to check in with him regularly. We will keep you updated, and once again thank you for your patience.

   On the other hand, a new version of Unity is around the bend which will allow us to drastically improve CPU performance on any multi-core computers, including Macs--so we will be exploring this possibility as soon as we can. These same refactors which we will be doing for optimization will also contribute towards the implementation of multiplayer down the road, which, for those of you worrying, we are aware of the challenges of and are currently planning ahead for.

With all that said, here's a quick tidbit from RJ regarding some future sea life.


   Over the last few months I was lucky enough to work on a project where I learned a ton about restoring prehistoric sharks. With that experience under my belt and the help of a couple other prehistoric shark enthusiasts I revisited a concept design for Lonchidion to be far more accurate than our last attempt. I used modern fresh water sharks as an inspiration for the color pattern. This little fella looks sad but that’s just a defense mechanism to keep other fish from asking him directions.

He's just having a rough day, OK?

He's just having a rough day, OK?


That's all for today. Thanks for reading!