Saurian DevLog #43

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, we aren't in the position to give you a normal devlog this week. This is because the artists are all working on the artbook and the programmers are working on a couple of secret projects. We think what they are doing is pretty exciting, and we hope you'll think it is worth it when they resurface. And of course, the quicker we get done with the art book, the quicker we can get the rewards out to all our wonderful Kickstarter backers.

While the programmers are working in secret, RJ has been publicly streaming very frequently and we've been hanging out, sometimes answering questions, but mostly providing a #1 top quality podcast, so keep and eye out on his twitch ( for more of that.

These streams have focused on putting together the updated Tyrannosaurus rex for the artbook, which you can read about in our previous DevLogs. Here you can see where his current progress is at:



Vol. II of Saurian’s soundtrack is completed! Intense air horn sound FX and that means the main soundtrack is also completed! Earth shattering saxophone solo You can listen to the preview on the link below, the release of the album itself should come shortly after.

This doesn’t mean all the work on Saurian’s music is done though. There are still some songs that need to be implemented onto the game itself with some changes that will react to certain gameplay elements, as well as little jingles and musical cues which will serve a distinct purpose further down the line. For now, I’m gonna head back to sound design duties, fixing some elements I’m not too happy about and also start designing the calls of the remaining animals. I also feel like some of them deserve extra material, so I’ll be looking onto those, slowly implementing them to make the world feel more alive.