Saurian DevLog #45


So you may remember me mentioning recently that the programmers have been working on some top secret projects for the game. Well, today we are excited to reveal one of these to you: gradual ontogenetic morphing.


That is right, thanks to some Xane wizardry our animals will now gradually transition between growth stages, morphing from one model to the next instead of suddenly jumping between them like a Pokémon evolution. You can see an example of this in our Dakotaraptor in the videos above and below.

This system will also mean that your animal will grow with its stats, so your dinosaur's physical size will match its weight and offensive/defensive capabilities. We also plan to have AI animals with ontogeny spawn at any random point in their growth, rather than only our 5 discrete growth stages.

When we initially add the system it will be available only for Dakotaraptor, with the other ontogeny compatible animals being rolled out over time. Some of these will change far more drastically than our raptor does, which should make for some really interesting results to look forward to.

We hope you'll agree that this is a really exciting new system, and we are chomping at the bit to get it into the game for you all to try out!


Chris L.


Remember those JRPGs where you'd be wandering around and suddenly it tells you that you're at a fishing spot and you're all 'whoa, cool!' and you have so much fun fishing that you spend more time doing that then the rest of the game? Good times. Anyways, for Saurian I've been filling in some of the currently empty aquatic ecological niches. Here we have a Lepisosteus, which is a garfish. It's the most abundant fish in the area, so they shouldn't be hard to find. I will be amused watching you try and swim after them.

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