Saurian DevLog #48


Hey everyone,

   If you've read our last blog post, you might guess that we're pretty much all-hands-on-deck testing and bug-fixing, with a particular focus on the performance issues from the last patch. The programmers have put all else aside trying to fix these issues, but meanwhile Bryan and Xico have some pretty neat stuff to show off.


   Seen here is my current project: getting Triceratops' ontogeny working. Triceratops poses a greater challenge than Dakotaraptor did.


   For one it grows a LOT more than Dakotaraptor does. The hatchling is 87% smaller than the adult you see in the game currently, and even between stages there's a massive increase in size (the subadult alone is 45% smaller than the Adult).

   Two: there's those horns and frill, which not only change shape but the spikes at the edge of the frill reduce in size and flatten out as the animal ages, then those horns take a pretty radical change in direction. I think we can all agree that Triceratops is just a weird animal.

   There are still a few things to finalize before it's ready to go in-game (such as getting the stages painted), but getting Triceratops done has also been a stepping stone to getting Pachycephalosaurus ontogeny done as well. The horns and frill spikes are basically practice for getting the many many spikes and bumps on the Pachycephalosaurus' head to work across it's ontogeny, which not only change shape but move around, so it'll be a bit of a challenge.


   Last month was spent organizing, editing, choosing the sounds for the last two playables: the Anzu and Ankylosaurus. The main difference between these and regular NPCs is that they have plenty more calls and little details to make them stand out a bit more while you're playing as them for all their stages. I have finalized the Anky last week and now I'm in the process of creating the sounds for the Subadult and Adult stages of the Anzu's intraspecies communication. After the Anzu is completed however, he's still gonna have all those juicy mimic calls, which we'll plan later on who should be worth mimicking and why. I already have some neat ideas on how to make that work. Below you can hear some examples of two adult Ankys discussing something of the utmost urgency and two Anzus having a chinwag about pineapple on pizza.

   That's all for this 'log. Thanks for reading!

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