Patch Reversion Announcement and Apology

Hello everyone,

   Due to a high volume of reports saying that the game's performance has significantly been hurt by the most recent patch, we are reverting Saurian's main branch to the previous stable build. This is not an easy decision for us, nor one that we take lightly, but we need a little more time to figure out what the source of the performance drop is. It has been heartbreaking to see our fans unable to play Saurian when they were previously able to - and to see justifiably negative reviews by people who assume that this is normal and intentional. We knew that we already had lot of optimization work to do, but the performance described by some of you, considering your hardware, is completely unacceptable on our part.

   We offer our deepest apologies and take full responsibility for this - we (both developers and QA) did not encounter these problems while testing, and would not have released the patch had we known they were present. We have created a new public testing branch where you can continue to play with the current patch, and potentially help us continue to search for the source of these problems. When the public has confirmed that the problems have been fixed, we will return it to the main branch. Please note that saves created with the new patch will be incompatible with the old one we are reverting to.

   For those of you who felt disappointed, we hear your concerns and want to work to regain your faith. We are a very small team with limited resources, but we will still always work our hardest to deliver the highest-quality product that we can. In the future we will be utilizing the public testing branch more extensively to avoid a situation like this ever occurring again. We will also be offering more transparency on our plans for further optimizations soon.
Thank you for your understanding and support.

Urvogel Games