Saurian DevLog #49


Hi everyone,

   We're still working on getting that performance issue sorted out, but thankfully we think we have some leads and hope to have a new build up on the public testing branch soon. In the meantime, here are a couple of other things the team has been working on:


   While we've been tracking down and eliminating the performance issue on the testing branch, I've been working in parallel on a new, frequently-requested mechanic: hiding! While brainstorming this mechanic, we recognized that many games with stealth-elements use a somewhat binary system (hidden vs. not-hidden) that wouldn't be well-suited to Saurian for various reasons; as a result, we created a much more gradient-based stealth system. Rather than being hidden or not-hidden, any animal can be hidden to some degree based on their size, posture, and the size and shape of the plant they'e taking cover in.
   Though calculating data like this could potentially be very demanding depending on the implementation, we believe we have a system that will perform well while feeling organic and intuitive. This also plays nicely with the overhauled vision system, since the continuous number generated by the hiding system can be directly factored into the visual acuity equation while an AI is perceiving. As a result, we expect to see some very nice systemic behavior emerging from this mechanic. Check out the WIP demonstration below to get a small taste of it!



   These last few weeks I've been prepping the Triceratops life-stages to be put in-game. Here is a work in progress of the sub-adult texture set. Getting the trike growth stages in should go a long way towards adding some natural variance to the herds. In the next few weeks I should finish up the remainder of the growth stages.

Subadult  Triceratops

Subadult Triceratops

That's all for this log, see you in two weeks!

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