Saurian DevLog #50


   Hey everyone! We believe we've finally solved the performance issue that has been preventing us from properly releasing our last patch, and have just uploaded a new build with these fixes to our public testing branch. If you experienced those issues an want to help us push this patch out the door, please consider opting into our public testing branch and leaving us some feedback on our Discord! Additional changes you'll find in the new build include:

  • Behavior tweaks that should reduce aggression in Thescelosaurus and other herbivores (to varying degrees).
  • Visual acuity for all dinosaurs adjusted.
  • Failing RPR no longer drains stamina.
  • "Simple Cloud" setting now works properly.
  • Empty save files are no longer listed in load menu.
  • [Encyclopedia is still temporarily broken, but this should not interfere with testing other fixes.]

   Assuming the main issues are all ironed out, you should be expecting to see a stable release of the patch soon - which also means more exciting development news will be coming from the programmers, who have their fingers crossed they can stop putting out fires and start building new things again!

   Other than that, we have a fun little tidbit from Jake regarding Triceratops.


   This week I've been working more on the Triceratops growth stage textures. Here is the completed Juvenile, doesn't he look like Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Henry does not look like Loki. An important consideration I had to make was the elegance of the blending from texture set to texture set. Some patterns need to be altered in specific ways in order to both realize the concept and blend naturally into the other textures - notice how the spots on its torso are significantly less-pronounced than they are on the adult. Just the hatchling left to go and the texture set will be completed.

Textured juvenile  Triceratops  model.

Textured juvenile Triceratops model.

   Thank you all for your patience with this patch delay; your understanding and support has meant a lot to us. Here's hoping for a more content-heavy devlog in a couple of weeks!

   Also, a note to Mac users: we have not forgotten about you! Our very limited resources have been entirely concentrated on fixing issues with the Windows version, though, and we have encountered setbacks in our OSX development with regards to machines to test on and programmers who are already stretched thin. Rest assured, we are still regularly discussing and planning Saurian's OSX release. Thank you for your understanding.

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