Saurian DevLog #61


We’re going to have another short one this time, most of the team has still been on vacation up until this week, so we’ve only just got back to work. The programmers have been gathering all your feedback and are working on a hotfix tackling some of the more noticeable bugs in the latest patch. Jake and I have gotten back to work on some aquatic critters for you.


The animations for the Triceratops ontogeny are going to take a while. In addition to working on that, I'm also trying to get some other critters into the game. Introducing the champion, Champsosaurus! The boy is very croc like in shape and structure but so squirmy, and lizard-like in every other way. It'll be interesting to get something other than the crocodiles roaming the fresh-water in Saurian. Other then this fella and the Trike ontogeny I have one other critter on my radar. Keep your eyes peeled, I hope to be showing it off soon!

Champsosaurus is weird because now we know they would sit on the bottom of the water, with their heads pointed at the surface, snatching fish as they go by. In fact, only the females could even walk on land at all. Because of this, we had a long design discussion about if the AI should come ashore or not. For now it probably wont. We might even explore trying to get it to do the behaviour mentioned above. We want to do what we can to distinguish it from the crocodilians.


I have been working through the Triceratops ontogeny animation as well, in doing so I reached the struggle animations - those that play when the animal is being RPR’d by a Dakotaraptor. This made me recall that I have seen many in our community concerned that crocodilians are still able to kill them while they are RPRing them as an adult. This is not an intended feature, simply a side effect of the crocodilians not having these struggle animations.

I decided then that while I was doing them for the trikes, I would just go ahead and do them for the crocs too. Here is the end result of that:

I spent a bit of time watching videos of crocodilians being preyed upon by big cats in order to get the behaviour and movement patters down. For the purposes of a video game, our crocs wont have quite as much nuance but I think I got the general idea down.

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