Saurian DevLog #67


Hello again all,

This week Jake and Tom have finally knocked off the full animation set for Triceratops, and Syri gives us his first ever entry! We think it’s a pretty exciting one too.

Here’s your friendly reminder that the Field Guide To Hell Creek book is still available in both physical and digital formats from our store. Now let’s get into it.


I've finally finished up the last of the animations all of Triceratops' ontogenetic stages, which means it's just about ready to start being put into the game properly. Henry is really proud of me. Here's one swimming animation that I was pretty happy with:

Now that all of the art assets for this big boi are done, they'll be promptly passed on to the programmers, who will hopefully have some cool stuff to show off with them by next devlog.


After I finished off all the dull transitions between stranding, sitting and sleeping, I was made aware of another task that was required before this guy could be implemented. Bryan had already done a threat animation for the adult, where it did a little jump forwards at its enemy. It turns out this little forward movement was causing problems, and we needed the threat to be stationary.

So, as Jake was finishing off the locomotion, I went back to redo the threat, and then replicate it onto the younger growth stages. Xico had made this nice deep, gruff bellow for the threat sound so I wanted to give a heavy vocal component to the threat like a crocodilian, instead of just going the cliche route and having it fling its horns.

The end result is a bit of both, it growls (which you can’t hear) and opens its mouth, as well as ducking its head down and up, showing off its frill, horns and beak.


Hi, Saurian fans!

These past few weeks, I've been working on implementing the first steps on the road to multiplayer.

As you can see in the video, I've gotten the basic fundamentals down - movement, actions, and the like. You can also see some AI wandering in the background - they're a work in progress, but mostly implemented. You can hunt them and they react as normal to all player instances.

In the coming weeks, I'll be working on the fidelity of the experience - smoothing out differences between single and multiplayer, getting all the AI types implemented, and working on a spawn system for AI that will function better in a multiplayer context.

Community Spotlight

Our header image this week is by Discord member The Grunting Milkman.

To start off our community spotlight, we of course had to shout out T-Dom for this animation giving our Trike just the most sass.