Saurian DevLog #69


The visual art side of the project doesn’t have anything complete to show off this week, but the programmers have been hard at work, as has Xico.

Most exciting though, is that we have another new developer on board, please give a warm welcome to Alejandra!

Ale has been a long-time friend of the team, and a valuable moderator for us. She is also a very talented programmer, and we are thrilled to have her join the development team.


Hello! For my first devlog I’ll be tackling our plans for rehauling the current scent/tracking system. There’s a bunch to go through so let’s go!

The new system will be made with a bigger focus on tracking individual animals. To that end we will be adding new animal specific markers like footsteps, blood, droppings and other species specific behavioural markers. Once one of this markers is selected the animal’s path will be highlighted a different color to make tracking easier.

You can see a little work in progress in the video below where I’ve got some facets of the new tracking system working with the current in-game system. Most noticeable is the ability to keep tracking as long as you hold the scent key down, the de-saturation effect when tracking and the change in color when a track has been selected.

I’m excited to keep working on the rehaul, wish me luck!


Hello, Saurian fans! For the past couple weeks, I've been working on fixing a bunch of multiplayer bugs and making all the wheels spin.

I do have something I can show off, though! Here's a placeholder lobby UI for hosting and joining games which will be replaced with better looking stuff once a proper designer gets to it.


Since the majority of Saurian’s sound design is done and ready to be implemented as we shuffle along on steadying our mechanics, NPCs and playable dinos additions, I’ve been focusing on working on the dynamic aspects of Saurian’s music. This month I tackled Combat Music’s intros and outros, that should signal the player when a tussle is about to happen or conclude. Since we don’t plan on having Combat Music to play every single time you engage in combat (why should it trigger when you’re facing a weaker threat than you?), these two little nifty additions should be a good indicative of when you’re about to fight for your dear life, making these encounters more memorable and engaging down the line.

This was not an easy task to achieve for the outros, since it needs to make sense musically at any given point while the main track is playing, for this transition to make sense. Fortunately, I started with some of the more complicated tracks when it comes to the number of instruments at play and found a good solution for the majority of them. I think this will make the songs more memorable and diverse, instead of just having the volume fading out when the combat ends.

I am now exploring some immersive audio tools that I can’t wait to show you guys, once Saurian is further along its development schedule.


I don’t have any completed animations to show this week, but I had Jacob render out a work-in-progress version of this Anzu drink I’ve been working on. This one still has some more work to do, but the major movements are all in there.

Community Spotlight

Our header image this week is by SummerDragoness.

If you want to have your art or screenshots featured in our DevLog, the best way is to submit to the Screenshots and Fanart channel on our discord.

Here is another nice shot by Ioioiee, from our server:


To finish it off, some fanart of our mosasaur by Big Trike Boi:

Big Trike Boi.png