Saurian DevLog #70


Hello all,

We have a bit of a grab-bag for you this week. A little from the programming side and a little from the art side. The former have been working hard on building the systems for the playable Triceratops, and we are excited to show off some of our progress on that front.


I've taken a little time off for the sake of my sanity and productivity, and most of the work I've been doing still involves refactoring and other non-visual stuff, but I still have a quick update. One of the underlying systems that needed refactoring was group spawning, and also group generation; this is mostly done. As a result, there should be a pretty significant amount of variance in the makeup of mixed-age Triceratops groups you encounter / spawn with. Another refactoring focus was group-related behaviors, which now need to accommodate age-related variances in behavior. One example of this I've started implementing is in herd grouping behaviors -- rather than using group leaders and group 'center of mass', etc. as the adults do, hatchlings and juveniles will try to maintain a radius around the closest adult (regardless of sex or herd seniority). Here's a quick WIP clip showing both of these in action.


Although it isn't the only thing on my agenda, I'm excited to show off this animated Thoracosaurus. Not counting Mosasaurus, Thoracosaurus is the second largest predator in the game, it'll be a terrifying addition to the in-game ecology and the final crocodilian to be added. Though its primary diet will be fish, Dakotaraptor certainly would not be safe around them. It'll also be the first crocodilian I get to animate so I'll be doing my best to geek out over all the details and make sure this big boy feels authentic. I'll be trying to finish up its movement set as well as start rigging another Hell Creek predator in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! Big things are on their way.


Hey all! This week we’ve been planning some factors of Trike playable, among those is background reworks and stuff we’re not ready to show yet, but! We can give you a little sneak peek of the new social display menu.

As many of you know, currently you press a key, [F] by default, and you do a threat display to an animal close to you. Since Trike is going to have more complex social mechanics then Dakotaraptor, we’ve decided to overhaul our current system for social displays. Bellow, you can see a mock-up that our talented artist Chris Masna came up with.


Please remember that this is a mock-up and the final product might not resemble this at all, it’s just the current iteration of a work in progress.


I had been working on what I think is a really fun new animation with Anzu, but couldn’t get it done in time for the DevLog unfortunately. Here’s a little sneak peak:


So, in light of this, here are a couple of Pectinodon animations I did a hot minute ago. Looking back at them now, I’ve improved a lot since these were done, so I think I’m going to have to do another pass over these older ones before we move on putting Pectinodon in the game.

Here we have a social display, like a good portion of my Pectinodon animations, it was based on shoebill stork. It was the process of working on this animation that inspired that decision. While looking for interesting bird social displays, I found that shoebills do this interesting thing where they bow to one another while shaking their heads. I chose to imitate this but also include the tail-fan, an additional asset the troodontid has over the avian.

This second animation is an idle variant that all dinosaurs in the game have, the bodyshake. All the previous shakes have been pretty static. However, when watching videos of cassowaries I noticed one show this behaviour, where it would outstretch its neck and shake itself in a horizontal posture. I figured this would be a more interesting way to tackle this idle.

Community Spotlight

Header image by community member Althaddus.

This week we have a couple of fanart pieces!

Count Lazuli

Count Lazuli



Finally, here is a really lovely screenshot by community member Wilderness.



That’s it for now, we’ll see you again in the next one!

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