Saurian DevLog #73


Hello once again!

Our amazing programmers have been working their little hearts out and have made a ton of progress on the playable Triceratops, which they’ve detailed below. This stuff has been exciting to see come together, I hope you’ll agree!


After last devlog came out, I noticed some people asking how we'd be dealing with false alarms, and preventing the player from abusing the warning call. While I think it's basically impossible to fully solve this problem, it can be mitigated; the approach I'm taking involves what I'm calling the 'reputation system.' I don't have much in the way of visuals to show demonstrating this right now, but the basics of the system I'm describing have been implemented as of now (although they still need quite a bit of fleshing out).

Basically, within a herd, each animal (both player and AI) has a 'reputation' score, which changes in response to their actions, and impacts how the AI in the herd treat them. So, for example, if you alert the herd to a predator, your reputation score will go up; if you make a false alarm warning call or try to warn the herd about a non-threatening herbivore, your reputation will go down. Eventually, if your reputation gets low enough, the herd will begin to ignore your calls until you can raise your reputation enough again. Likewise, animals with lower reputations will have less 'gravitational pull' over the positions of the other herd members, and vice versa. This can potentially have major gameplay consequences: if you, a Trike hatchling, decide to be a little wolf-crying jerk, the adults won't keep as close of a watch over you and will stray farther from you than other hatchlings, potentially exposing you more to predators; the inverse applies as well, where adults will keep closer proximity to helpful, good babs.

Although the mechanics described above are already implemented, I still haven't fully fleshed out the reputation system, and am going to try to tie it into other aspects of Triceratops gameplay whenever it makes sense. I think it will add a much needed dimension to playing as Trike.


Hello everyone, I've come in behalf of our resident feather-wizard Xane to show our progress on the Triceratops Ontogeny morphing system!

Turns out, the Triceratops goes through a much more dramatic transformation than our flagship playable Dakotaraptor. Where the Dakotaraptor mostly just changes color and size, the morphing for the trike goes through all sorts of fun variations and changes in size, color, head shape, horn size and shape which proved to be a real challenge when trying to make morphing look smooth and natural as well as blend properly with the animations and other systems we already had in play. After many hilarious and horrifying visual bugs, (we've included an example picture for your viewing pleasure) we managed to get a pretty stable version running in game.

If the baby Trike was in  Alien: 3

If the baby Trike was in Alien: 3

Early testing seems to be going smoothly with only some visual hiccups and seemingly minor animation errors. Once those are sorted out and fixed, we'll be one step closer to releasing trike playable!

We're really excited to get this little guy out to all of you. We've still got some new systems and abilities to figure out, as well as a rework on the base scent system. It's been a lotta work and we're far from done but the pieces are starting to come together and the future looks bright, wish us luck!


You are probably all sick of seeing this big feathery lad, but I thought I’d throw in another Anzu as a little extra addition on top of the Trike stuff. I don’t have a lot to say about it, but this is his eating animation, based on observations of ratites (mostly emus) feeding.

Community Spotlight

We haven’t featured a lot of screenshots in Community Spotlight lately, but luckily since last DevLog, Discord members Tuko and Aleeyrose dropped some absolute fire in that department:


Tuko 1.png
Tuko 2.png


Aleeyrose 1.png
Aleeyrose 2.png
Aleeyrose 3.png


Poki Request.png
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