Saurian DevLog #75


Hey everyone! This week we have a a few updates from the art, animation, and programming side of things.


Hello everyone! I spent some time over the last few weeks finishing up the Taxodium assets and starting work on a new tree. As we went over last time, the Taxodiums will have different appearances when seen in standing water than when seen on land. This represents itself in more than just the buttresses, with the land based variants looking more like your average conifer. Here you can see the final differences between the two sets of trees.

Land Variant

Land Variant

Water Variant

Water Variant

I've also assembled the resources needed to start putting together the Metaseqouia. It is a much larger tree, so the assets needed to construct it had to be much more detailed to accommodate the scrutiny players will be able to put it under. I'm quite proud of the root system I made for the base of the tree. There will likely be some variants made for it, but I might just wait until I get to the redwoods biome, where this species will take on different shapes and niches.

Close up of trunk, with Pectinodon for scale.

Close up of trunk, with Pectinodon for scale.

It's important that we try to do a lot with as little as possible to save development time and resources. Frequently I do asset tests like this grove of Metaseqouia to see if the asset can be repeated without it looking too obvious. It also gives me a sense of how the canopies play together to give me an idea of what needs to be adjusted. I'm quite happy with how this one variant of the tree looks repeated and scattered. I'll probably just be adding a juvenile and a sapling variant and call it complete.



Hey all! In addition to continuing work on features previously described in devlog, we’ve been doing some iterating on the Triceratops' charging mechanic. After some group deliberation on how to handle the mechanic, we decided that we don't want to allow the player to charge indefinitely when attacking; instead, the charge will be considered completed after hitting the first animal. While we still expect players to get pretty rowdy, we hope this will discourage players from behaving too much like steamrollers, as the result ends up resembling bowling more than combat. We also have different animations that play on a successful vs. unsuccessful charge from Tom, as well as some lovely new accompanying sound effects courtesy of Xico. Here's a clip showing how charging will work; notice that only the first Acheroraptor receives the brunt of the charge, and the others only receive trample damage.

I also added on some physics reactivity to the Trike-charged ragdolls for this attack since it felt a little odd without it. Hopefully it'll end up striking a balance between being feeling good and fun while not tempting players to murder everything they see. I know y'all are bloodthirsty.


Most of my time since the last DevLog entry was spent doing the various additive animations for the Triceratops. These are the small animations restricted to a singular body part that play over the top of other animations, and often consist of transitional actions such as lowering of the head. Thus, as you may may have gathered, there are not very interesting to look at and I have not been sharing them in DevLogs.

This week however, I finished (hopefully) all of these and was able to get back to Anzu. All our dinosaurs so far have had 3 consistent idle variations: yawn, body-shake and preen/scratch. I have always thought it would be more interesting to mix it up, though, and have unique idle animations for different animals. I think this should aid in making the world feel alive.

I decided to start this train on Anzu, who has a yawn, but will also be the first to have a couple of unique idle variants. The first of these is a simple peck at the ground, which I think is well suited to an animal nicknamed “the chicken from hell” (bleh) in popular media. More scientifically both invertebrates and seeds have been suggested as food for oviraptorosaurs, and they were likely opportunistic foragers, so this behaviour tracks.


Hello everyone! I’ve come bearing news of the new call system UI and mechanics. If ya’ll remember a few devlogs ago I mentioned we were brainstorming a new version of our call system, we even added a gif of a mockup our artists whipped up for us. Well, after a few weeks of testing and back and forth we have a prototype version with some slight changes to the original idea.

Targeted Call

General Call

Of note: we added a camera freeze while selecting your desired call, the ability to pick a single target when clicking on an animal or a general audience when clicking anywhere else. We’re missing the custom icons for each call so that it’s easy to tell them all apart at first glance and some more visual effects to highlight the target you want, but so far I think it’s going really well. Fingers crossed ya’ll should be able to get your hands on this new system at the same time we release playable trike (still some time away) since socialization and herd living are gonna such an important part of gameplay for this animal.

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