5000 milestone Acheroraptor reveal


Greetings Saurian fans and followers! We’ve just achieved a major milestone in community building: 5,000 of you now follow us on Facebook, and we recently passed 1,000 subscribers on Youtube. This is a huge boost to the further development of Saurian. The larger our fanbase and community, the more successful our future crowdfunding campaign and further development can be.

Having reached this milestone, we figured it was only appropriate to celebrate by giving something back to our fans and followers as a thank you for your ongoing support and outreach to others. As we previously teased, Acheroraptor we be the first playable dinosaur released to the public and it’s about time we teased a little more of its feathery majesty.


Before anyone asks, no, Acheroraptor won’t actually be flying anywhere (even though it clearly wants to) but we do have some unique ideas for its lifestyle that might involve “falling with style”. Stay tuned.