Livestream! May 28th! Be There!


Saurian Livestream: May 28th, 5pm EST on RJ's Picarto Channel Greetings Saurian fans!

It's been a while since you've gotten a good look at the work going in to bringing Saurian to life, and we figured the best way to fix that was to show you all the things at once! Rather than make do with a simple screen shot or a simple blog post, we're going to give you the chance to watch not one, but several of our artists and programmers share their work. All at the same time.

rjpalmer_profile_001 Saurian concept artist, RJ Palmer

RJ Palmer will be working on a new concept art piece featuring Acheroraptor and some of its planned gameplay features. Henry Meyers will be showing off an early look at his exceedingly cool learning AI and his deplorable excess of personality. Bryan Phillips will be working on new animations for Acheroraptor...oh and Gerry might pop in to say hi!

Bryanprofile Saurian animator, Bryan Phillips (right) & Saurian Saurian, Gerry (left)

Several other members of Saurian's development team will be available during the livestream to hang out and answer your questions as well.

You can check out all this awesomeness this Thursday, May 28th (5pm EST) on RJ's Picarto Channel. See you there!