Searching for a Sound Designer


Hey Saurian fans and followers, do you want to help bring Saurian to life?

We need YOU

As the title indicates, we are looking to bring a sound designer on board to give our dinosaurs their voices.

This is initially an unpaid position. There are several payment options available to the successful applicant that can be negotiated upon joining the team.

Must be able to design and create unique sound and foley effects, including: - Animal sounds (growls, rumbles, chirps, etc.) - Interaction sounds (footsteps, bite sounds, splashes, etc.) - Environmental sounds (running water, waves, falling trees, etc.) - Ambient sounds (bird and insect ambience, wind, rain, etc.)

Other necessary requirements: - Must be at least 18 years old. - Candidates must submit a portfolio of previous work for serious consideration. - Fluent in English.

Other important skills: - Interact with third-party audio libraries. - Analyze and tune performance of audio. - Work within game code to integrate audio effects. - Working knowledge of common sound engineering/sound design practices and terminology.

Appreciated skills: - Have sound engineering skills and knowledge of the relevant tools and technology. - Familiar with modern audio creation equipment, software and recording techniques. - Experience using game development tools, technology and pipelines such as Wwise and FMOD preferred. - Experience of working with Unity3D engine. - Experience of working in a team environment, providing and receiving feedback. - Passion for video games and dinosaurs.

Ability to work concurrent with US time zones and access to personal sound libraries are a plus.

There are a couple things we DON'T need: - Cannot be a jerk (We already have RJ for that) - Or a diva (We have Jake for that) - Or have a ponytail in excess of 2 feet (We have Jo for that)

If you feel you can meet this qualifications, please send a resume and portfolio to us at We look forward to reading through applications!