Kickstarter Teaser- Hell Creek: A Field Guide to the World of Saurian

Ladies and Gentlesaurs, As we draw closer to the end of the month and the launch of our Kickstarter, sometimes we forget that Saurian isn't the only amazing thing happening in the ongoing resurgence of dinosaurs in pop culture. While we are excited and very busy preparing to open up our project to outside support, I thought it was important to offer congratulations to David Silva and Creative Beast Studio's Beasts of the Mesozoic Kickstarter for reaching their goal. We're very excited for the success of this project, because it means there is a significant demand for exactly the sort of scientifically accurate dinosaurs we've labored over for the past 3+ years.

How cool is this? If you haven't already, go check out their Kickstarter and support accurate dinosaurs. Maybe someday we'll get an Acheroraptor...

"That's awesome Jo, but wtf is Hell Creek: A Field Guide to the World of Saurian?"

Early in Saurian's development, it was clear RJ Palmer and Chris Masna would be creating a huge amount of concept art. While playing the game will obviously reveal much of our hard work, there is so much data and art that we figured the best way to share it was via a guidebook. Hell Creek: A Field Guide to the World of Saurian will be one of our backer rewards for those of you who want to support us above and beyond the basic $15 donation for a copy of the game.

Sample page from the animal profile section of Hell Creek; A Field Guide to the World of Saurian. #BlameRJ for the gibberish instead of text

For a $30 donation, you'll receive a digital copy of the field guide along with other rewards. We estimate the book will be somewhere between 80 and 100 pages. We know many of you are ready and willing to put a significant sum of money towards Saurian's development. For those of you willing to contribute $100 or more, we'll be gifting you a physical, softcover print of Hell Creek: A Field Guide to the World of Saurian, in addition to other backer rewards. The book will feature concept art and background information on the flora, climate and topography of Hell Creek, in addition to animal profiles. Not only will the guidebook feature the concept art RJ and Chris have created, we've reached out to numerous guest illustrators, including active paleoartists, who have created Saurian-inspired pieces of their own as a way to support our efforts.

Dakotaraptor attacks Pachycephalosaurus by Chris Masna.

We're excited to launch our Kickstarter at the end of May, and we look forward to your support to reach our goal!